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Environmental Solutions

F- Cubed- RO System

The system makes use of Carocell ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) technology that is based on the natural process of distillation and this ability to separate water from a wide range of contaminants. It meets the overwhelming need for clean drinking water, producing pure water from saline or polluted sources either centralized or decentralized using only solar radiation. It has the ability to produce pure potable water from any water source (including seawater, polluted/ contaminated, ground/ bore water).

Benefits of the system
  • Zero waste brine stream
  • Completely solar generation
  • Low cost/ Modular
  • No green house gas emissions
  • No chemicals
  • Valuable dry fractionalized salts harvested
  • Valuable dry fractionalized metals and minerals harvested
  • Stand alone or in combination processing brine by stream from existing desalination plant
  • Processing industrial waste liquid streams
  • Environmental benefits