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Painting Solutions

Quick Body Repair Booth
We provide the highest quality paint booths for your application. Our spray booths are for every business style and every task type. Whether your application is unique or standard, our paint booths will meet your requirements.

We offer a large variety of pre-engineered paint booths that are ready for immediate shipment and easy setup. From our small size paint booth that will be perfect to paint small parts to our automotive paint booth for cars, trucks and vans, our guarantee is that with careful engineering and strict attention to detail, we will provide you with the perfect booth for your business' needs.

  • Customized Solution
  • Designed as per the space availability
  • Maximum utilization of space
  • No harmful fumes
  • No hazardous fuel required for baking
  • Low on cost
  • Less on maintenance
  • Panel hanging system making more space
  • Partition inside chamber creating separate room

Satyam" Infra Red Drier System
The 3000DS model has three 1 KW Glare Control lamps, fitted into three individual cassettes. Unit is equipped with an ultrasonic distance indicator allowing it to be correctly positioned. Best part is even a unskilled technician can use the same very easily. Lamps emit short wave infrared heat ideal for optimizing drying of waterborne paints.

This flexible system allows each cassette to be adjusted and locked into position around the contours of the vehicle body, ensuring maximum area coverage. Height adjustment is made using the high performance locking gas strut, offering a near weightless movement to the cassette support arm.
  • 500 mm 1Kw High Output GC short wave lamps fitted to 10 cassette.
  • Twin 30 minute time on both flash and Bake settings.
  • Power settable on both Flash and Bake cycle.
  • Distance Indicator with safety cut out if unit is moved too close.
  • Robust steel constructed stable frame, fitted with rear wheel locking castors.
  • Maintenance free cassettes with no fan or filter changes.
  • Individually switched cassettes.
  • Horizontal or Vertical Cassette Operation.