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Compressed Air Solutions

SATYAM International develops total solutions for compressed air needs, from source to point of use. This includes compressed air treatment, condensate treatment, innovative compressed air distribution systems and energy savings solutions

The Compressed Air Solutions from SATYAM is dedicated to providing total solutions for your compressed air needs in the form of Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Air Compressors, Air Treatment Equipment like Filters, Dryers, etc, Receiver Tanks, Piping, Compressed Air Supply & Demand Side Control Systems and Automation. Our highly experienced team of experts combines their experience with innovative & unique solutions to offer a comprehensive package for the compressed air user.
  • Capacity of Compressor
  • Diameter of pipeline
  • Travelling route of pipeline
  • Different loops like mechanical area, bodyshop area, washing and mopping area.
Air Treatment Equipment:
As we all know, condensation is property of compressed air. When it travels from one point to another, it again condenses and gives the vapors or moisture. For treating that, we provide:
  • Moisture Separator
  • Heat Less Air Driers
  • Automatic Drain Valves
Range for Air Solution includes:
  • Air Compressor
  • Air Drier
  • Automatic Drain Valve
  • Compressed Air Line
  • Filter, Regulator & Lubricator with Gauze
  • Spiral Hoses
  • Coiled Hoses
  • Quick Release Couplers and Adapters
  • Impact Wrench and Other Power Tools
  • Impact Socket Sets